This week in the news

I have to admit, I don’t keep up with the news (or television generally) like I used to. I read a newspaper if it’s lying around someplace, like in a library. But this week was unavoidable for news, even for me.

The normally secretive and quiet Elections Canada just reported today that they alone have received over 31,000 complaints relating to harassing or misleading robo-calls. The Conservatives have lost their retaliatory power over the week, and now the opposition is chiming in. Finally. This is less like Shawinigate and more like Watergate.

In other news, in Ajax, a Toronto suburb, a teenager got suspended from Archbishop Denis O’Connor Secondary School today for distributing Valentines’ Day letters to female students, telling them it’s their inner beauty that counts, and for girls to be true to themselves.

That, and war in the Middle East.