Replacing pedals on my moped

You might recall my Tomos Targa LX, which is sometimes in need of some special attention, includng yesterday when the pedals and cranks finally came in the mail. I had to order from the States, and there was an outer packaging that contained a note saying that Canada Post received the package in damaged condition. Well, two solid chrome pedal cranks, a crankshaft, and two pedals are not necessarily breakable, and all the parts seemed to be there.

The cranks came without lock pins, so I had to take them off the old ones. After removing the bolts and washers, a fair bit of hammering was required to persuade the lock pins to come loose while not damaging them. The pedals were installed and everything fit nicely. The remains of the sticky packaging tape was removed with acetone, and now the cranks have a shiny new appearance.