Android App-O-Rama

Here is some commentary regarding some Android apps I’ve been using on and off. Rating is from 0-5:

  • Basic music app (4): Great for playing whatever you have, but the interface lacks flexibility, and the interface is stymied by the small input screen of the cell phone, like all the other apps.
  • SoundHound (5): I was listening to a tune I forgot the name of  in a noisy Tim Horton’s restaurant. By the time I could get out my android and switch on to SoundHound, the song was almost over. I got the last few seconds coming out of the nearest speaker. It correctly identified the song as “Torn” by Natalie Imbruglia. Fascinating concept. I wonder now if it would work with less popular songs.
  • Songza (2): Selections are not too tied to genre. I would like them more tied to genre. This is because most of my preferences in music hover around classical and jazz. Some of their evening themes, to take an example could be adapted to any genre if only I could be allowed to prefer one: “Bedtime”, “Love and Romance”, “Unwinding”. Rap and hip hop own way too much of this app, and folk and rock own most of the rest. The genre selections such as folk are good, if you are into that. They seem to really know their 1960s folk.
  • Any calculator app (4 and down): Namely AndieGraph, Algeo, and RealCalc. Buttons are small and are barely pressable without making some kind of error. This is especially true of Andie Graph, which is an attempt to mimic the TI-83+ Caclulator (requires a ROM, which I transferred from my actual TI-84+).
  • Proprietary apps which are too big for what they do: Starbucks (3) – Crashes frequently, Adobe Acrobat (3) – seems to take up tons of installation space and updates also take up valuable ROM real estate.
  • Maps – If you don’t have GPS enabled or it is not part of your package, then this pre-installed app is a waste, and on my cell phone (a Samsung) it can’t be uninstalled.