Sequel: Installing MS Windows with the patience of a saint …

This is the conclusion of my ordeal with a defective TouchSmart TM2 laptop, bought as new very recently.

There has since been a series of repairs precipitated by the fact that the laptop bluescreened during the installation of the factory image. The moment that happened, I sent it back again. Since then, a new hard drive was installed with a fresh factory image. It has since survived all updates I’ve thrown at it, including various and sundry software installations.

What frustrated me was that I didn’t get the minimal image which would have obviated all of the crapware on this machine. Instead, I got the normal install with the crapware and all of the unregistered games, which meant that I spent the next few days removing all of that stuff.

It has certainly survived one of the torture tests, which consists of sitting on my desk and doing nothing while switched on for a few hours. Previously, it would bluescreen almost certainly that way. Now, it never seems to. It is now within probability that I could actually use it to complete a task or two in the future, who knows?