vim and compatibility with vi

Yes, in my hacking and snooping the config files, I found “set nocompatible” in the .vimrc under the dotfiles from the Git repository. I looked this up, and this would appear to be the heart of my woes about key mappings. “set nocompatible” means set the key mappings in a way that is incompatible with traditional vi (and more along the lines that vim was designed). So, is it a simple matter of just commenting this out and adding “set compatible” to get what I want?

Ah, no, dear reader, because if I do that I break nearly every plugin (or so it seems) in the repository. When I tried to do this, I got error messages left, right and centre. vim has its own key mappings, its own implementation of the :map command, and making it compatible with traditional vi would bring the vim plugins to its knees.

It is somewhat better to go through the mappings.vim plugin and comment out anything you don’t like (for me, nearly all of what’s in there). I advise commenting out rather than deleting, since it would be nice to take advantage of the commands as syntax suggestions in case I want to do my own mappings some day.