On the Perl death watch

Last August, I wrote about speculation that Perl is becoming¬† a dead language. Books on it have long since disappeared from the bookstore shelves, and O’Reilly publishers, who once published scores of books on Perl (many of which I own), haven’t really come up with any significant new publication since at least 2005. I know that Programming Perl, the so-called “camel book” has a fourth edition in print since 2012, but that is mostly about it. Anyone looking for updates in “Intermediate Perl”, “Perl In a Nutshell”, the “Perl Cookbook”, and other mainstays of anyone’s Perl collection have to subsist on old editions prior to 2004 or as early as 1999. This even takes into account electronic editions. There were two bioinformatics books on Perl that I have and wanted updates on. One, “Beginning Perl for Bioinformatics”, is out of print; and the other, “Bioinformatics Computer Skills”, is available, but has not had any new editions in the past dozen years.