Updating or installing Cygwin always a headache

I wanted to update Cygwin, since I was playing around with WindowMaker on another computer, and saw that it wasn’t on my laptop. When I did this, I decided to update latex as well. My advice to those who want to do this, if all you are doing is updating, don’t ever update the font collection. If you select latex as a package to install, the default is to install everything in sight that has anything to do with latex. The update will happen fairly quixckly, but the postinstall phase of latex will take upwards of 8 hours. At any rate, whenever I use latex, I never see what fonts are installed outside of the usual Times Roman, Italic, or Sans Serif. Not altogether sure why all these fonts are needed, since I never see them in any document I edit. Certainly, any attempt to install latex or any of its latex-like couterparts such as LyX must always be accompanied by a de-selection of all fonts you know you will never use, such as, in my case, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Cyrillic — I don’t speak the languages that would use them, so no point in installing these.

I have heard on many discussion forums that a big reason for the slow postinstall is due to interference with antivirus software. I can say that this does not appreciably affect the (slow) speed of the install, since mine was turned off. I am not sure why the effect of antivirus software would be relevant, since latex does not need an Internet connection to operate. No other software would take this long to install, with or without antivirus software.