The Lighter Side of The Epic of Gilgamesh (the first tablets)

What many believe to be the likeness of Gilgamesh. I think Gilgamesh is an incredible story, my print version from the Norton Anthology of World Literature is easy to follow. However, there were major details missing that I had to look up. For example, none of the female characters seemed to have names. I had […]

In Memoriam, 2013

Katherine Wowchuck – Jan 8 – At age 111, she was the oldest Manitoban alive. Eugene Whelan – Feb 19 – Age 88. Minister of Agriculture under Trudeau. Stompin’ Tom Connors – Mar 6 – I don’t know how many people remember that he once had his own variety program back in the early ’70s. […]

The day the elevator music died

Mood, a Concord, Ontario subliminal marketing company (for lack of a better description, but you can click to view the website),  has announced it is ditching the Muzak brand name which it owns and merging its operations with the parent company. There is an article on the New York Times website that goes into this […]

In Memoriam – My personal highlights

In some kind of loose chronological order: Johnny Otis: The Godfather of R&B, whose real name was Ioannis Veliotes (his parents were Greek), made his debut in Big Band music in the late 1940s, then had a long string of hits between 1950 and 1951. He discovered Etta James (who also died this year). He […]

History of chemistry – My writings

I have previously contributed to Wikipedia’s History of Chemistry article, and have since seen it taken over and re-written from everyone from scientific illiterates to people from cultures who had at least a notable chemistry tradition, but rarely did it delve into science; yet, they would plaster the history article with information that blew the […]

Rewriting history: Margaret Thatcher

Today, news about the release of “secret” documents relating to the Margaret Thatcher government circa 1981 have been making the rounds in the news, and a CBC webpage has made a report that would claim to rip the lid off these secret documents. Well, nothing of importance seems to have come out of this, if […]