My name is Paul King, and this journal often consists of articles regarding my fidgeting about with science, math, computer programming, food, cooking, chemistry, middle distance running, and generally thinking about random stuff. For whatever reason, I seem to go about with this unshaken belief that what I do with my spare time makes for important and compelling reading.

This blog seems nicely viewable on my android, except that some large typitoons such as large graphs done in ASCII, quite frankly, look like a mess on my android. You need a fairly wide screen to see that stuff, although the latest simple blog design can be considered to be quite android-ready. Some graphics are miniscule but the text fonts are large and well-rendered. Still a huge improvement over the old theme that was used.

Due to the large amounts of unmanaged spam I receive, visitors only have a 3-day window now by which comments may be left. That means that almost all articles are closed for comment. If there are genuine comments, I usually take a couple of days before I get around to managing them, so it’s better that I close as many articles to comment as possible so that legitimate comments don’t get lost in the shuffle. Comments I receive won’t be deleted so long as they’re on-topic, and are not offers for body part enhancement, get-rich-quick schemes or whatnot. I welcome all comments written by actual humans.

The theme chosen is the most stripped-down theme I could find. You would fare better if you are on a tablet or android device, since the Brunellschi theme I have is more attractive, but it cuts off table displays and seems to ignore my html and css table settings. The current theme, “WordPress Classic”, does not interfere with tables, and my other articles appear to be pretty good.

On occasion, I use the services of “Wordle” to add illustrations of “keyword salads” to my articles.

The name “Pi Kappa Journal” is not meant to imply an affiliation with any existing social, societal, or academic group.

2 thoughts on “About”

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    The blog indeed looks great on my galaxy tab. In particular, the mathematics is gorgeous!

    (BTW, I liked your “midpoint” problem.)

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    Thanks for your kind words, Bryan. The math that this blog does is supported by a LaTeX widget, but it doesn’t support presentation math (the kind where I would have several expressions with equal signs that are supposed to line up). I write the code in the blog, and the server renders it to an inline jpeg when you see it in your browser. Pretty clever.

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