The beginnings of Chemistry IV

Antoine Lavoisier, the Father of Chemistry Although the archives of chemical research draw upon work from ancient Babylon, Egypt, and especially Persia after Islam, modern chemistry flourished from the time of Antoine Lavoisier’s discovery of the law of conservation of mass, and his refutation of the phlogiston theory of combustion in 1783. (Phlogiston was supposed […]

The beginnings of Chemistry I

This article contains my original, un-edited contributions to Wikipedia’s “History of Chemistry” article from a few years back. It can be said that chemistry would have “started” when it was possible to distinguish it from alchemy. This would not have happened until Sir Francis Bacon built on the work of Descartes and suggested a scientific […]

History of chemistry – My writings

I have previously contributed to Wikipedia’s History of Chemistry article, and have since seen it taken over and re-written from everyone from scientific illiterates to people from cultures who had at least a notable chemistry tradition, but rarely did it delve into science; yet, they would plaster the history article with information that blew the […]