How to make a 6×6 magic square using a spreadsheet

You may think that, the way I offer instructions here, that I could make this article shorter. And you can make this less work: just take out all the safeguards and self-checks that I have programmed into this spreadsheet, and you are back to something close to a pencil-and-paper experience.  If you are actually using […]

My first 6×6 magic square

There are two kinds of even-ordered magic squares. Singly-even and doubly-even. Doubly-even magic squares have its dimensions divisible by both 2 and 4. Thus, they have dimensions that are multiples of 4. Singly even magic squares are only divisible by 2 and not 4. They include 2, 6, 10, 14, 18, 22, and so on. […]