Manjaro is still the best for my laptop

A popular distro is Mint. It’s a great distro, I have it installed on my home theatre. It’s great because all the apps are up-to-date (without being bleeding-edge and unstable), and I can chuck as many applications as I like on it with all the storage space my home theatre has. I have 55 days’ worth of music cued up on Brasero. But since I listen to classical, blues and jazz the most, that number comes down to 3 days’ worth of music frequently listened to. I have any public-domain documentaries and movies I can find. I shnagged the original Gilligan’s Island movie from They also have what many believe to be the worst movies of all time, such as Plan 9 From Outer Space (isn’t there an operating system called “Plan 9”?), a low-budget McCarthy-era sci-fi movie with bad acting and bad writing. The last time I watched Plan 9, I think I lasted 30 minutes before switching it off and moving on to other things. That’s a record for me. Don’t have it cued up to play on your first date with someone. And maybe not your second. I’ve been married 20 years, and my wife doesn’t know I have a copy of Plan 9 on video.

I was impressed with Mint, and kept it on my home theatre. It was Mint 14, and so I thought I would give it a second chance on my laptop. Same problems as before. Jumpy mouse which invokes click events when it randomly jumps somewhere. Wi-fi doesn’t work. Generally pretty bad.

I could have gone back to getting out my DVD of Manjaro 0.8.0, but instead I decided to download 0.8.2, the latest stable version. The desktop is improved incredibly, and it has an app I don’t recognise which resides on the desktopĀ  The mouse is stable, recognizes pen and touch, and my WiFi works right down to the toggle switch on the front of my case. 0.8.3 promises to be even better, but since that’s beta right now, I’ll wait a while.

Manjaro is not for everyone, but I feel it is meant especially for people like me that don’t have much HD space (10GB is reserved for Linux and 2gigs for swap in my case), and sometimes need to have a second OS for their own reasons. Or maybe no reason.