Manjaro: Another one to add to my ratings scale

Manjaro is a new, user-friendly offshoot of Arch Linux, and promises to be simpler to install. I saw a video on exactly what was “easy” about it, and was sold. I burned myself an Xfce ISO image on a DVD, and the fact that the touchscreen, stylus, and touchpad on my HP-TX2 all worked made me almost wet myself. All right, I say, let’s commit this to USB, and we’ll worry about what doesn’t work later (which at this point was the camera, sound, and network printer detection — comparatively easy stuff, most often software-related).

That, along with the speed and ease of use (I think it is much noticeably easier to use as advertised, but don’t expect ease on the level of Mint or Ubuntu) added to its score.

So far, 13 points on the ratings scale. Since this scale is out of 18 if only I could get the rest of the stuff to work, it could have the remaining 5 points. But alas, I cannot give it to them. The USB failed to reboot properly, and I am considering trying again, or trying another image from the distro.

Mint and Puppy still tie for first, in all of their half-configured, clunky glory!