Too cheap to upgrade Win 7 HE to Win 7 Pro

I have a couple of computers running Windows 7 Home Edition and found the need recently to run remote desktop. I had found after looking around at the MS website that “I can’t get there from here”. That is, remote desktop is not a feature for HE, but is present if I upgrade. The person on the website did mention an alternative to Remote Desktop, and that was TeamViewer, which is free for non-commercial use.

On the plus side, I was able to run the program just as downloaded from the website without installation. Even better, I was even able to run the same copy of the program individually from both ends of the connection.

It seems to do the job, for sure. But I’m surprised at its slowness. At default resolution (which at 256 colors is not that great), windows move around slowly over my 10+Mbps lan connection (oh yeah, I forgot that the remote computer is connected using Wi-Fi). The speed improves slightly if you use TeamViewer to disable Aero. I may have to live with the slow speed due to the rather necessary Wi-Fi issue.

Features I have no use for, but may interest some are its ability to record a session on the remote connection. There seems to be also menu options for conference calls and VOIP. For myself, I ‘m just glad that I can view my desktop from another room and multitask in my home office, rather than having to go back and forth between two rooms (except to initiate the connection, which requires the remote computer and the local computer to run the program).

This kind of thing is intended for help desks, but I find it useful if I want to download and store certain kinds of files on particular computers, such as EMusic downloads, which are better off being stored on the same computer as my home theatre. Or download email from my ISP, which I keep on one computer, and not my laptop.