The day the elevator music died

Mood, a Concord, Ontario subliminal marketing company (for lack of a better description, but you can click to view the website),  has announced it is ditching the Muzak brand name which it owns and merging its operations with the parent company. There is an article on the New York Times website that goes into this at some length.

Muzak had been providing retail stores, workplaces, and indeed, elevators with music to induce productivity, purchasing tendencies, and other things conducive to smooth running offices, stores and the like. The original idea behind Muzak was that you were not supposed to think about the music as you were going though the store. It is intended to be unobtrusive. In recent decades, you may have noticed that Muzak doesn’t do this anymore. Instead it pipes in ’70s music, or more recent hits. I must say that such music has been played with such mind-numbing regularity that it could qualify as mindless as the originally intended music was. Fleetwood Mac is an example of a band I hear all the time in stores, and this once-favourite band of mine has now dissipated into mental oblivion with repeated playings as I am browsing for food or clothing. And I guess that is the point of all this. You are not supposed to think about the music at all. If  “Go Your Own Way” is played so often that I am barely conscious of it playing, then Muzak — excuse me, Mood — has done their job.