Firefox issues

My browser is now out of date, or so says my WordPress blog installation. Other places tell me that as well, on occasion. I am running the equivalent of Firefox 9. I am learning that for branding reasons, and because my Firefox was an “unofficial build” (I “built” it from source without really changing anything, but I understand the logic), they call a Firefox installation which anyone installs themselves “Aurora”. Kind of like the original stripped-down (read crippled) incantation of Firefox that came with Debian, which they had to call “Iceweasel”. I was not at all happy with Iceweasel, and glad I got rid of it.

But installing Firefox (the real one, from binary) had its own issues. It kept complaining that it “couldn’t load xpcom” and nothing seemed to fix it. This seems to be a very popular error over the Internet, and there seems to be varying sources for the error, such as an unclean uninstall of old firefox versions, or not adding /usr/lib to your $LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable.

Using the source and installing Aurora got rid of all that nonsense, without needing to uninstall Iceweasel at all. But it seems that now, in order to update Aurora, I need to recompile another source bundle, and remove the previous install. Sucky.