To “disabuse” one’s self of illusions or mistaken perceptions is to become more clear-headed. Seeing thorough sensibilities about technology we have all come to accept is a big one. There isĀ  a lot to write about. But most of the time, I am also just sharing some knowledge I got from fooling around with math, with software, with programming, with tech. I find we have greater self-efficacy when we teach ourselves, as well as learning from others.

This blog seems nicely viewable on my android, except that some large typitoons such as large graphs done in ASCII, quite frankly, look like a mess on my android. You need a fairly wide screen to see that stuff, although the latest simple blog design can be considered to be quite android-ready. Some graphics are miniscule but the text fonts are large and well-rendered. Still a huge improvement over the old theme that was used.

Due to the large amounts of unmanaged spam I receive, visitors only have a 3-day window now by which comments may be left. That means that almost all articles are closed for comment. If there are genuine comments, I usually take a couple of days before I get around to managing them, so it’s better that I close as many articles to comment as possible so that legitimate comments don’t get lost in the shuffle. Comments I receive won’t be deleted so long as they’re on-topic, and are not offers for body part enhancement, get-rich-quick schemes or whatnot. I welcome all comments written by actual humans.

Earlier, when I called this blog “Pi Kappa Journal”, it was because I couldn’t think of a better name. I wanted to use my initials and the word “journal” at the end (I abhor the word “blog” as well). I never had an intention of making myself sound academic. I am sure any true academic would know that I don’t necessarily cover anything academic on this blog. I prefer to write about the tech and science world around me. Share knowledge. Explore. The kind of thing blogs online journals were meant to do.

— Paul King

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    The blog indeed looks great on my galaxy tab. In particular, the mathematics is gorgeous!

    (BTW, I liked your “midpoint” problem.)

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    Thanks for your kind words, Bryan. The math that this blog does is supported by a LaTeX widget, but it doesn’t support presentation math (the kind where I would have several expressions with equal signs that are supposed to line up). I write the code in the blog, and the server renders it to an inline jpeg when you see it in your browser. Pretty clever.

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